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Acting Now! Co Workshop and An Extremely Fabulous Adventure

NewsPosted by Laia Martinez Rubir Web Tue, August 11, 2015 03:26:47

2 weeks ago I discovered a group of actors who reunited each week to do collaborative workshops to share ideas and help each other.
Sadly the group is no longer active, but their film challenges are still on and looking for people to participate, mainly as crew.

During these two weeks I met great people and in one of the weekends we created "An extremely fabulous adventure" ( guess who proposed that title ;) ). My participation was as an actress and writer.

Extracted from the website:

"An Extremely Fabulous Adventure

On the first weekend of August (August 1-3) we filmed our third short film "An Extremly Fabulous Adventure". First as part of our ANCW 60 Hour Film Challenge. The filmed was long, but we made it!

We had to use title "An Extremely Fabulous Adventure", one line of dialogue "We were meant to be mole people together" and a "tape" as a prop, all randomly chosen."

I hope to be able to participate in more challenges with the group.