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For RE:act – McQueen. Texts - Laia Martinez writing

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For RE:act – McQueen

Samples of my work:

Extract from Dramaturgy Exercise re-write about JORDI GALCERAN THE GRöNHOLM METHOD :


Mercè: ¿So, who was right?

Carles: ¿What did the note say?

Enric: Whoever wants to smoke, is free to do so.

Mercè places the ashtray in the middle of the table. Enric sits. Pensative, he puts his hands to his head. Everyone looks at him.

Carles: I am going to light a cigarrete.

Ferran: Now, we will have to put up with your smoke. As if it wasn’t enough.

Carles: Don’t you smoke?

Ferran: Very ocasionally, only in work dinners and weddings, when I go.

Mercè: Dekia is an important multinational known for their ecologist work and respectfulness with the environment . In my opinion smoking is a bad idea but that’s up to you. I just want the vacant, games are of no interest for me.

Ferran: I agree.

Ferran remains pensive.

Ferran: No, the envelope could not say so, I am sure.

Mercè: ¿And why don’t you think it said so?

Ferran: Well, because it is him! It is clear! Isn’t it? … He wants to test us!

Enric: You are right, it was just a small joke (laughs)

Enric takes the envelope again.

Enric : The envelope says… excited ¿right? (laughs) It says: “ As you probably have realised , you are not in a conventional job interview, the race for the vacant of executive director will not be easy. Dekia is an important business of international prestige. And we only employ the best of the best. You have been previously selected but this is not a guarantee of any success. Knowing this, the next game is a challenge of : ability, perception and knowledge of anything imaginable. There will be two tests. You will have to participate in parters. When you will have completed the teams we will start.

Carles: Mercè, can I go with you? It will be like in ESADE !

Mercè: You and I, only did two assignments together in four years.

Carles: Three. And not only did we do assignments.

Mercè: You are always so funny! You did not miss any party, didn’t you! Allright, we will go together but don’t you think that I will soften up. It was so long ago.

Ferran: I guess we will have to go together … well, it seems there is no other option.

Enric: Enric Font; pleased to meet you.

Ferran: Oh my God.

The door opens again and we see an envelope with the number 1 printed on the top.


I could embellish it, I could just simply say it plainly.


I had had my heart or whatever that is inside broken, but this time it felt deeper.

It is as if suddenly everything that you knew started falling and destroying by itself, even though it was never perfect, but that tower kept straight somehow.

Now water leaked between the bricks, made them fell, removing them from any concrete that was holding them together. It all began declining without me being capable of stopping it.


Dark silence over noisy tempest

It all falls down on me, again

It all repeatedly falls down

Dark silence, it wants to break me

With every shout I feel everything closing

Everything stronger it is getting me subdued

As time goes by it hardens

It hardens more and more

It starts to break in this dark and noisy night

it breaks and disappears in this dark and noisy night.

Extract from A MUSICAL DREAM

Iris is further up than her friends, she finds a marine cave and she jumps to the water.
She becomes a mermaid.

At last! At last I feel free! I need this. To be free and go out, and swim, and twirl and splash. Wow!

It was fantastic! What an amazing unique experience! Changing my situation, environment, being able to swim free! Ahh (sighs)

In the original tale The Little Mermaid longed to be human because she wanted to be with the prince whom she had fallen in love.
But why change? Why change to be like somebody else? To be liked by this somebody? Having the gift of breathing water and air, with a beautiful shiny-scaled tail? Being able to do spectacular jumps up and down the waves! It is clear that we all want what we can't have!

If I could choose, I would fly! And I would live in the middle of the woods in a house in the trees! And eat sweets every day, and that they were healthy, for real! Ohh how I wish so many things! I want so many things! And I want to paint, oh! So much more!
(she takes a blank canvas and starts painting in a corner).

Laia Martinez R
April 2015